Bridge the Gap between Real and Digital Worlds by Building Next Generation AR Apps

Types of AR Apps We Develop

Real-Time Recognition

We build AR applications with the ability to recognize character, object or face in real-world environment.

Marker-Based AR

Our marker-based AR apps help businesses to recognize and process and wide variety of images rapidly and flawlessly.

Location-Based Apps

We build customized AR solutions that enable enterprises to deliver a wide range of location-based services.

Markerless AR Apps

We help businesses to build and boost brands by sharing messages in the most engaging way using high-quality graphics.

Build New Age AR Apps that Make Users Interact with the Digital World Seamlessly

3D Modeling

We let you export various models from the existing software applications while leveraging AR technology fully.

Rigging & Animation

We combine skill and tool to make the AR applications look appealing while making users feel like becoming a part of the digital world.

Unique Functionality

Our developers keep the AR applications highly functional by adding out-of-box features according to predefined business requirements.

Unique UX

 We keep the AR app’s user interface (UI) simple and intuitive to boost user experience.

Elaborate Testing

Our testing professionals evaluate all aspects of the AR application based on predefined business requirements while focusing on optimizing user experience.

Seamless Interactions

We make the app interact with users seamlessly by embedding customized gestures.