As a leading global staffing Organization, we know first hand how hiring quality talent is critical to your business.

Technical Recruiting

Our recruiting team grew organically from a philosophy that success is predicated on the ability to find, hire and retain top local technologists who matched the company’s ethos. Our clients quickly noticed the caliber of our consultants, and soon asked us to help them hire their own. Today, we staff a large number of specialized experts in a variety of roles, such as:

  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Architecture
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Creative Design
  • DevOps
  • Database Architects, Engineers and Data Analysts
  • Software Development in .Net, Java and Mobile

Staff Augmentation

When a project is in flight, and deadlines are looming, it is rarely a good time to introduce unproven resources. Staff Augmentation is our way of addressing this common software development situation. The goal of Staff Augmentation is to help you quickly add known, skilled manpower to your internally managed projects, so you can mitigate the unnecessary risk of a new resource while hitting your deadlines. You may also consider Staff Augmentation when your project calls for a specialty resource for a limited amount of time. If you do not have in-house expertise on Enterprise Architecture, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouses, Third Party Integration, or a particular technology, we can help you find the resources that your project needs.

Team Incubation

Innovation is critical to start-ups and new product launches. If you need to build a development team from the ground up, how can you assure they are not only productive, but can collaborate and innovate from the start? It sounds impossible, but our Team Incubation service is designed to do exactly that. With a collaborative office space, leading technologists and an innovative culture at our fingertips, we will help you grow the development team you need. To start, our Staffing Solution’s team will help you recruit like-minded individuals that work well together, while our Software Solution’s team takes care of the on-boarding and hands-on mentoring. This service will provide everything you need to start your innovative project off running full speed ahead: office space, resources, on-boarding and training. Once the project is underway, and the heavy lifting is done, you can hire the resources as permanent employees at your discretion.

Contract to Permanent

Contract to Permanent allows you to hire additional staff on a contract basis initially, with the option to convert them to full-time employment at the end of the contract. When you have open positions that require the right combination of cultural fit and skill set, Contract to Permanent is a great option. It allows you to reduce risk by trying a resource out for an initial period of time before deciding to hire long-term.

Permanent Placement

Permanent Placement, or Permanent  Placement for short, is the traditional way of growing your team with full-time employees. When you bring employees on full-time, it is critical to have a solid process to quickly tell if a person is a long-term fit for your business. As our client, we work with you to identify your specific profile of a successful employee. From that point, we source candidates from our network of design and engineering professionals. Then we perform all of the time-consuming legwork to qualify each candidate based on your personality, attitude, growth potential, cultural fit and skill set requirements. We go through this effort to save you time, so that every resume you receive from us it has a high potential of being a successful hire for your business.

Read Our Staffing Case Studies

Developers for Health EHR

Sasaran Tech needed assistance in rapidly staffing their Retail Services development team in order to implement one of the largest EHR installations in the country. In addition, the HealthCloud EHR application needed to be extended to integrate with the drug retail chain’s pharmacy systems.

.Net & Database Developers

We helped NexGen Software Solutions grow a long-lasting professional services team for their Practice Management software. Technically the team needed to know .Net and have strong database skills, but that was only a part of NexGen requirements to be a good fit.

Product Development Team

We assisted Dently Group, Inc. in staffing the development team for Dently Group, a major enhancement to an existing Dently Group product. According to Ryan, CEO of Dently Group, “…NexGen Software Solutions delivered individuals who took a genuine interest in our project …”