Quickly add skilled manpower to your projects.

When a project is in flight, deadlines are looming, and the team is under-staffed, staff augmentation is a practical and effective solution. The goal of Staff Augmentation is to ensure the new team members have the aptitude, attitude and ability to ramp up and contribute quickly. It enables you to remove the unnecessary risk of a new resource while hitting your deadlines.

You may also consider Staff Augmentation when your project calls for a specialty resource for a limited amount of time. If you do not have in-house expertise in a particular technology, we can help you find the resources that your project needs.


Our tech professionals are well-versed in a variety of project management and tech stack tools. They can smoothly and quickly adapt to those used by your company, making the transition into a project fast and efficient.


Scale your technical team up or down within a matter of days or weeks. As you transition between your company milestones, your staffing needs will vary. We work with your schedule to make this process as agile as your business.


We have a diverse set of employees that give us bench depth to quickly provide trained and proven talent. Our engineers are experienced and accustomed to hitting the ground running.

“We have worked with NexGen for more than years, and they have provided us with resources that have been critical to the success of our software development projects.” – Sarsan Tech

We are different than most IT staffing companies. Rather than presenting you with a bunch of resumes, we use a more tailored and surgical approach that also involves a more thorough vetting process. We first pull from our existing team of employees/consultants who we can vouch for based on their past performance. When necessary, we then dig into the vast network we have built over the past Several Years, many of which we have previously worked with on other project engagements. We do the heavy lifting to save you the time and frustration that comes with interviewing dozens of candidates who don’t have the expertise you need, or the attitude to succeed on your team.

Our IT professionals, are US-based, resulting in higher productivity and more effective collaboration. With in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the leading tools and technologies, our team has provided staff augmentation services to startups, middle market, high growth, and Fortune 500 companies.

Talent Acquisition Process

Understanding Your Need

Understand both the skills you need and personal traits you seek in employees.


Source from our own team of engineers and our extended network of professionals.


Candidates go through a multi-step screening process, including behavioral interviews.

Technical Interviews

Interviews with technical questions and real-life problems.

Presenting a Candidate

Match our vetted and qualified candidates to your opportunity.

Things You Should Know

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How Do I Hire for the Long Term?

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How can I hire the Best Tech Talent?

With a resource shortage, many businesses do not have the skill or capacity to hire well.